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Attic Flooring                Attic Ladders

Attic Shelving               Attic Lighting




First, we’ll come out to assess the suitability of your attic regarding structural integrity. 


Once we deem your attic suitable, we will ...


Supply and fit folding attic ladder

Supply and fit raised plywood flooring

Supply and fit custom shelving

Supply and fit lighting


Attic Ladder

An attic ladder is a light weight, aluminum or wood, retractable ladder that is installed into your existing ceiling. They are used as an inexpensive and compact alternative to a staircase by creating suitable access in tight spaces and not inhibiting the use of the area below.


Attic Storage Solutions provides a range of quality Fakro attic ladders and accessories to suit all budgets and needs.

Whether you need to replace your old, broken ladder, or you need convenient access to your attic, we can help.

Attic Flooring

We will install battens across the ceiling joist so we’re not compressing your insulation, and then we’ll lay a safe, sturdy plywood floor on top of them.


Thermal studies have shown that compressing your insulation can reduce its thermal properties by more than 50%. No insulation is removed or compressed during installation, as the floor is built above the level of the insulation.

Attic Shelving

Instead of piling all of your boxes in the middle of the floor you can significantly increase the storage in your attic by creating additional shelving between trusses.

Attic Lighting

Make searching for that old photo album easy by installing a light into your new storage space. We offer battery powered or hard-wired lighting solutions.

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